Court rentals

Package Prices
Outdoor clay / hour 20 €
Indoor Clay / hour 20 €
Hard court 16 €
10-hour all-surface family package 160 €
10-hour individual all-surface package 80 €
Light token 2.20 €

Access to the tennis courts
Everyday :

Club house hours of operation and phone booking (+33 7 68 45 70 00)




– When arriving at the club, players MUST GO THROUGH THE RECEPTION This is independent of whether a booking has been made beforehand or not.


– PAYMENT MUST BE MADE BEFORE going to the field.


– Wearing TENNIS-SPECIFIC SHOES IS MANDATORY to use the clay courts. Wearing running shoes or any other shoes will therefore not be tolerated.


– APPROPRIATE TENNIS ATTIRE IS MANDATORY. The wearing of jeans and so-called« city » outfits will not be authorized for use on the pitches. He is also FORBIDDEN TO PLAY SHORT-SIDED.


The staff has the right to refuse access to the courts to any person who refuses to comply with the above rules, which includes compliance with the dress code.