Club History

At the end of the 1950s, the Municipal Stadium of Hossegor offered 2 courts.

Since then, the club has emerged and has never stopped developing.

First called Tennis Club Hossegor for many years, then Tennis Club Soorts-Hossegor in 2014, the club has modernized and evolved with its time. It is today recognized as one of the most beautiful club in the region.

The Hossegor tennis court has a fabulous infrastructure, thanks to its magnificent high-quality clay courts, its club house, and its exceptional setting in the middle of the pine forest, but also thanks to its proximity to, among others, golf , the rugby stadium, the casino, the city center, the lake, and the ocean.

We are passionate about tennis and have evolved in the tennis world since we were young. We have many memories at the Hossegor tennis club which goes back all the way to our childhood. We played our first matches during the summer tournament of Hossegor and spent our summers on those courts. Over the years, we have developed a strong relationship with the club.

For us, it is a dream come true to manage a structure of the caliber of Hossegor. This project is therefore very important to us and we will work to develop the structure in terms of tennis and club activities, facilities, human relations, adapted tennis and various charitable projects.

With you, sports and tennis enthusiasts, we want to create unforgettable memories and experience strong emotions through this sport that is dear to us.