Odyssey Tennis Academy’s mission

At the Odyssey Tennis Academy, we consider studies to be as important as tennis. In fact, we believe that players’ success in their studies is an important factor in their success and improvements on the court.

Here are some reasons explaining this philosophy:

1. Access to the highest level

We believe that academic success increases the chances of players to perform on the professional tour.
We do not believe in the “all or nothing” philosophy that encourages parents to have their kids drop out of school with the underlying idea that the time they spend in school has a negative effect on their tennis carrier.
On the contrary, we believe that successful students maximize their chances of improving quickly and reaching their highest potential. Indeed, we are convinced that the values and qualities that players must develop to perform academically (especially in a remote system like the one we propose) are the same as those they will need to be effective on the court. .
Some of those values ​​include: work ethic, concentration, organization, autonomy, problem solving …

There is no doubt that these qualities are transversal and will allow the success of a student in a full-time tennis and study program both in class and on the court.

2. Preparation for the future

Not all children will reach the level necessary to play on the tour at the end of high school. Failure to prepare for this eventuality would be a serious mistake that would ultimately leave the player with limited options and an increased amount of unnecessary pressure. This pressure is often harmful and prevents players from improving by forcing them to only focus on short-term results without long-term goals allowing access to the highest level and the full development of their potential.

At the Odyssey Tennis Academy, we make every effort to keep all options open for our athletes and their families when they finish high school.

We make sure they do the right thing to:

  • Remain eligible with the NCAA and have the option to study in the US on scholarship within some of the best universities in the country
  • Be able to enter university in France and stay at the Academy if this is the choice made by the player and his/her family
  • Obtain a quality diploma (French or American) allowing them access the wrokforce in the best possbile conditions
3. Development of the individual

At the Odyssey Tennis Academy, we are not only looking to develop a tennis player, but also a quality individual. We believe in the power of a holistic education led by strong values that are ​​reinforced by our coaches on and off the court in order to develop the human side of our athletes. Our goal is to train athletes but also responsible, respectful citizens who learn how to move in the complexity of today’s society.

Francophone students wishing to study in French and obtain the “brevet des collèges” and subsequently a Baccalaureate in the section of their choice will be enrolled at the HackSchoolling Institute of Hossegor and the National Center for Distance Learning (CNED).

Odyssey Tennis Academy will support families in the administrative process as well as in the organization of studies to facilitate the transition to the academy, especially if the athlete was enrolled in a school beforehand.

Introducing HackSchooling

As stated on the HackSchooling website:
“The HackSchooling Institute offers personalized support and academic preparation (in France and abroad) for young people from CP to Bac +5 in all sectors. Our pedagogical model combines individual follow-up, help with methodology, initiative and innovation. “

In our current system, the HackSchooling Institute fully supports the school monitoring of our students who are also registered with the CNED. Thanks to HackSchooling, our interns are able to have access to quality teachers physically present who will help them with all of their schooling.
Considering the difficulty of distance education for some children, HackSchooling makes this experience more enjoyable and manageable while ensuring the success of our athletes.

“The support offered by HackSchooling for students enrolled with the CNED is an distance or face-to-face coaching to facilitate the implementation of a dual sport / school project. Each student must have a high-level sport project in order to benefit from this type of teaching which includes up to 16 hours of teaching per week. The follow-up is personalized and each teacher ensures a good understanding and mastery of the different lessons. This service is available only for students enrolled at the CNED in the 3rd year to Terminal, all sectors combined. “

Introducing the CNED
Mission :

“Dedicated to success

In an open and changing world, everyone must be able to build their own journey of education and training to achieve and flourish throughout their lives. The CNED’s mission is to guarantee everyone, regardless of their situation, the means to achieve academic and professional success.

A dual mission of education and training.

As a public operator in distance education, the CNED ensures the continuity of schooling for pupils who cannot attend classes for various reasons. It also sides by adults who start a training course.

Accessibility: Allowing everyone, regardless of the location or situation they are in, to receive a distance education.
Success: Accompany people towards the accomplishment of their project (obtain a diploma, change job, find a job …).
Social utility: Efficiently provide education and training for all to achieve individual success and professional integration. “

Source : Web Site

“A key player in the influence of French abroad.

With nearly 30,000 international students, the CNED is the leading provider of lifelong learning in Europe and the French-speaking world. It is intended for all audiences, whether residing in France or abroad, regardless of their nationality. It offers them the possibility to follow remotely, and online, a French school or higher education. “

Source : Web Site


Sixth: full class with regulated registration
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Fifth: full class with regulated registration
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Fourth: full class with restricted registration
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Fourth: full class with restricted registrationstrong
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Second: full class with regulated registration
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1st L / ES / S: full classes with regulated registration
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Terminals L / ES / S: full class with restricted registration
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The “Full Year” offer covers an entire year of high school program and includes:

  • All courses and audio supports of all subjects of the chosen class,
  • The set of homework to return,
  • Access to online resources,
  • The ability to reach a teacher by phone and email.
You live in France

With the authorization of the Academic Director of National Education Services (DA-SEN), your child is enrolled in the CNED High School. It has a certificate of schooling, quarterly report cards and a guidance at the end of the year.

Outside the regulated framework, your child benefits from the same educational services. He does not have a school certificate. A certificate of training follow-up may be issued.

You live abroad

With the permission of the cultural advisor, your child is enrolled in the CNED high school. He will obtain a certificate of schooling, quarterly report cards and a guidance at the end of the year.

Outside the regulated framework, your child benefits from the same educational services. He does not have a school certificate. A training certificate may be issued.

Full-time, regulated-enrollment classes are for students who are not attending school. A school certificate is issued upon registration.

You will need to attach the following supporting documents:

  • Photocopy of the 3 quarterly reports from the last year of schooling showing the orientation decision
  • The exeat (certificate of exit to ask the last school frequented). If you were going to school at CNED, you do not have to provide it,
  • For applicants under 16 years of age on the day of registration, the permission of the Academic Director of National Education Services

Information taken from the website

Contact us directly for more information.

Odyssey Tennis Academy offers athletes the opportunity to study a program taught in English.

For this purpose, we chose to partner with Laurel Spring School, the most recognized online private school in the United States for its quality and success rate.

This close collaboration allows us to offer our athletes the ability to pursue a US degree leading to a high quality diploma, accredited and certified by the most recognized organizations.

Introducing the school

LAUREL SPRINGS SCHOOL is an accredited, online private school for students in kindergarten through twelfth grade. Students are fully supported by qualified, caring teachers and staff, and are connected to a global community of learners.

With more than 25 years of experience, Laurel Springs is the school of choice for the college prep student who wishes to grow and excel academically and personally while maintaining a flexible schedule.

Since 1991, Laurel Springs School has successfully graduated more than 4,000 students and continues to expand its global reach, working with families in more than 90 countries. The school actualizes its mission of honoring each student’s unique style of learning by providing a personalized approach to education that nurtures students’ academic and personal goals. Students in grades sixth through twelfth may also be selected to participate in Laurel Springs’ Gifted and Talented Academy program.

High college acceptance rates and successful career choices by its students attest to Laurel Springs’ ongoing commitment to prepare students for college and for life.

Mission :

“OUR MISSION at Laurel Springs School, believes that each child is a unique human being, with personal interests, special talents and a unique learning style. We know that children receive optimum benefit from an educational process that values them as individuals and provides a personalized approach to learning. We encourage their innate enthusiasm for learning and their dreams.”

Website :


LAUREL SPRINGS UPPER SCHOOL provides a comprehensive standards and competency-based academic program. Laurel Springs offer challenging academic courses and diverse elective credit options. Students must complete 23.5 credits to graduate.

Each semester-long course earns a 0.5 credit and consists of 18 weeks of work with a minimum of four hours of study per week. 132 of our courses are certified as meeting University of California (UC) a-g admission requirements, and 91 of our courses are recognized by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) as meeting its eligibility requirements.

Laurel Springs School does not rank its students.

Click here to access the Laurel Springs Schools Curriculum


The Partnership Program here at Laurel Springs works alongside many tennis academies all over the world to provide a flexible and quality online academic option for high performance student athletes.

Through the Partnership Division Laurel Spring created a specialized support program to provide our student athletes additional support and flexibility opportunities all at no additional cost to anyone.

Laurel Spring understand student athletes and the flexibility that they need. Laurel Spring uses a mastery based program and do not deduct late points for students who haven’t turned their work in on the day it was due. Rather, we work with the students to help them stay on pace to finish the course on their end date.

We develop great relationships between our teachers and students.

Teachers understand that students may be overseas playing in a tournament and cannot afford to be worried about the essay that is due that day.

Laurel Spring has specific NCAA counselors that create Academic Plans for each student based on NCAA guidelines. Laurel Spring has NCAA approved courses, and is entirely dedicated to NCAA protocol.

Laurel Spring has an internal NCAA summit each year to cross-functionally ensure everyone is trained and up to date on any NCAA changes.

Laurel Spring commitment to the NCAA is unrivaled. Laurel Spring is one of the very few NCAA-certified online private schools that is not (and never has been) under review by the NCAA. Laurel Spring does it by the book without cutting corners to ensure that we never risk the eligibility of our student athletes and that they never have to be concerned about their academic credits transferring to the college of their choice.

Benefice of the Partnership Program between Odyssey Tennis Academy and Laurel Spring:

  • There are no additional costs for either the parents or the academy
  • Laurel Spring provides a Partnership Coordinator who is the single point of contact at Laurel Springs for OTA, parents, and students.

This individual will facilitate any needs as well as any other support necessities required.

  • Laurel Spring provides a Partnership High School Counselor for all students. Counselors have years of experience with student athletes and setting them up for success after graduation.
  • .For all student-athletes Laurel Spring has a Student Athlete Manager that will work directly alongside all the students at the academy and their families to ensure their NCAA status.
  • Laurel Spring provides OTA staff and parents with an Observer Learning Management Account to monitor the pace and progress of all enrolled students from one central dashboard.

Our interns study at the Academy between 4 to 6 hours a day, 6 days a week

Two periods of study are distinguished:

  • Self-study periods are supervised by supervisors who are part of the teaching team. These periods are of great importance so that our interns can do their homework and deepen their learning.
  • Periods called “in class” supervised by qualified and licensed teachers.
    • These are compulsory for students who have chosen the French curriculum (CNED). Indeed, it seems to us that a specialized and in-person intervention is essential to guarantee the student-student’s success.
      The teaching team of the Academy will organize, in agreement with the family of the sportsman, a schedule of 8h minimum to 16h per week with approved teachers. This schedule is individualized and adapted to the needs of each and the budget of the family.
    • Students pursuing the American curriculum (Laurel Springs) will be able to choose to study independently during these periods thanks to the extremely comprehensive learning platform offered by Laurel Springs. In fact, students have access to all the necessary resources (teachers, tutors, pedagogical advisors, etc.) online, guaranteeing their academic success.
      If necessary, and if the family budget allows it, we can arrange to have teachers come physically to the academy who will accompany ahletes on site in their studies with Laurel Springs.

Click here to see a typical week in our tennis-studies

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!

Contact us:

Padel Hossegor est situé au sein du Hossegor Tennis Club
Téléphone : +33 7 68 45 70 00


Adresse: 36 place du Stade 40150 Soorts-Hossegor