Our interns

Who benefits from our internships?

Our full-board courses are open to young people aged 8 to 20 and at all skill levels. Whether the athlete is among the best in his country or at the start of his tennis career, looking for an intense and competitive course oriented on performance or a sporting and human experience focused on relaxation, an experience more developed culture and/or learning the French language, the variety of course types and options available at the Odyssey Tennis Academy will offer a unique experience adapted to everyone.

Here are some examples of intern categories and the options available to them:

Competitive profile from club, regional, national to elite level (ranked players, ITF, FFT in France, USTA…)

We have received a multitude of “high level” players over the past few years in our summer academy. Some trainees were French already classified up to 0 in France. Others came from various countries such as the United States, where some were ranked in the USTA top 50 nationally. In the French tables, our trainees won up to -30 and numbered in the French rankings, winning a lot of tournaments in the surrounding area.
Most of these players with this profile have continued their tennis career at University level in universities as varied as:

  • San Diego State University – DI
  • Virginia Tech – DI
  • University of Iowa – DI
  • West Virginia University – DI
  • Claremont McKenna College – DIII
  • Binghampton University – DI
  • Case Western University – DIII
  • And many others !

Many other athletes who play in competition and who have participated in our camps are also at a regional level, or at a club competitive level.

Whatever the level of competition, players looking for a springboard for rapid progress will find what they are looking for in our Junior Tour Courses. These intensive courses include up to 4 hours of training per day, physical training, and 2 official tournaments per week.

That said, our multisport courses (tennis and hardf, or tennis and golf) can also be suitable for the greatest competitors if the objective is to take a “competitive break” while continuing to play tennis and enjoy the other experiences offered.

Leisure tennis profile of all levels

Not all of our trainees are competitors looking to make tennis their priority. For those who love tennis but want to make the most of the cultural, human experience, and/or other activities offered by our courses, our multisport courses (tennis and surfing, tennis and golf), and our intensive tennis courses without tournaments will offer a unique and complete experience.
Beginners, leisure players, or good level players looking to multiply experiences will find their account!